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 Embry Call

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Broj poruka : 313
Datum upisa : 06.05.2009
Godina : 24
Lokacija : La Push

PočaljiNaslov: Embry Call   Uto Maj 12, 2009 2:51 pm

Embry is a teenage shapeshifter from La Push and is one of Jacob's "wingmen". He appears briefly in New Moon and Eclipse. Embry calls Bella Swan "vampire girl' because she hangs out with the Cullen's coven. His mother was not a woman from the tribe, but because the shapeshifting traits are inherited only within the tribe, he is probably the half brother of Quil Ateara, Jacob Black, or Sam Uley, which causes some stress within the pack due to the fact that all of their fathers were married before, during and after Embry's birth. The pack's hopes are that he is half brothers with Sam, as Sam's father already has a bad record, and if his father was Quil Snr. or Billy, it would cause new dispute between the people at La Push. Some time during his early life, Embry became friends with Quil Ateara and Jacob Black.

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Embry Call
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